Inspired by her local East London life of living above a bike shop, Jacqui Ma founded Goodordering in 2012 with a capsule collection of colourful bags that would withstand the fickleness of fashion and appeal to commuter cyclists. 

The collection of Goodordering bags have become iconic around Broadway Market, Shoreditch and East London - the familiar white piping and retro sports vibe appeal to urban adventurers who believe that life should be about capturing the small moments of happiness like being on a bicycle. 

Each bag is designed with the latest tech in mind, with padded compartments and multiple pockets in varying sizes and shapes for all the modern essentials. Also, there is no compromise on quality, the bags are all water resistant, hard-wearing and versatile. 

Goodordering's adventurous spirit doesn't come from trekking up a mountain, they believe that sometimes the biggest adventures are just around the corner. From something as simple as riding a bicycle. 


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